Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Waratah-Wynyard Council Local Provisions Schedule

Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Waratah-Wynyard Council Local Provisions Schedule

In December 2015, the Tasmanian Parliament enacted amendments to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 providing for a single planning scheme for Tasmania – the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS).

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme consists of two parts: the standardised State Planning Provisions (SPPs) and each municipality’s Local Provisions Schedules (LPS). The LPS allows each Local Government Area to add their zones and site-specific standards to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Council has been drafting the Waratah-Wynyard Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) for assessment by the Tasmanian Planning Commission (the Commission).

The Commission has notified the planning authority (Council) that the Waratah-Wynyard LPS is now approved. The LPS came into effect on 13 February 2023, and will form part of our new planning scheme, called the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Waratah-Wynyard.

A copy of the LPS can be viewed at the Council offices, located at 21 Saunders Street, Wynyard.

From 13 February 2023, the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Waratah-Wynyard will become available on the Commission’s website at www.planning.tas.gov.au and associated maps and overlays may be viewed at www.thelist.tas.gov.au.

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