Waste Transfer Stations

Council operates two waste transfer stations. They are located at Goldie Street, Wynyard and Corinna Main Road, Waratah. The costs of managing these transfer stations and transporting and disposing of the rubbish from these sites is funded by all ratepayers through the waste utility charge.

Opening Hours

Wynyard: 10am and 4pm daily*

*except for New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Waratah: 24hrs/7days

Be a Good Sort!

A Rethink Waste initiative, this Good SORT brochure will help you sort your load before you arrive at the transfer station, saving you time and money (and helping our environment). It also and provides a guide to accepted waste and recyclables. The Map will help you locate the drop off points.

Separating Building Rubble

As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to improve the function and operation of the Wynyard Waste Transfer Station (WTS), there have been some changes to the way building rubble is disposed of.

In partnership with new operators City Mission and the Cradle Coast Waste Management Group, the WTS will focus on separating concrete/masonry from soil. Separating soils from concretes will create higher quality crushed materials, which is more suitable for re-use. This will help divert waste from landfill, which is part of Council’s Integrated Council Environmental Plan (iCEP).

Businesses and commercial customers who separate materials correctly will also receive a 50% discount on disposal fees.

Waste Transfer Station Map

Three stockpile bays have been created at the WTS and the below map is a guide to where they are located.

  1. Timber – this material is normally used for landfill cover. However, a lot of timber can be re-used for various other purposes. Please discuss re-use opportunities with the Toll Booth Operator.
  2. Soils – a range of clays, subsoils and topsoils are accepted. Over time, better quality soils will also be separated.
  3. Concrete/Brick/Masonry – keep soils out of this pile.

Please refer to relevant signage and follow directions from staff at the WTS, to dispose of materials correctly. For more information, contact Council’s customer service.

Generally, accepted waste includes:

  • Normal domestic and commercial waste
  • Recyclable materials – sorted and left at the appropriate collection points
  • Green waste
  • Tyres
  • Refrigerators and other white goods
  • Gas bottles
  • Paint tins
  • Building materials
  • Batteries
  • Chemical containers

Generally, non-acceptable waste includes:

  • Controlled waste – defined as any waste with a hazardous characteristic that has special controls on the method of disposal and may endanger public health or the environment
  • Asbestos
  • Household or farm chemicals
  • Dead animals
  • Liquid waste including septic sludge

Please do not bring these items to the transfer stations. Instead, we encourage you to contact the waste management officers at the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment for advice before disposal.



Access to the Wynyard Transfer Station is FREE for the disposal of general household waste only for the following:

  • Residents of Waratah-Wynyard (proof of residence such as drivers’ licence required at gate)
  • Ratepayers of Waratah-Wynyard who may not reside in the municipal area (drivers, licence for proof of identity and rates notice as proof of property ownership required at gate)
  • Recyclables – FREE for ALL users if separated from other waste

Fees apply for all business/commercial waste, regardless of residence/ratepayer status. See full list of fees below:

Waratah-Wynyard residents & ratepayers (household waste only)  
Cars/Station Wagonsper vehicleFree
Utilities/Vans/Trailers (less than 2.4m x 1.5m and maximum of 3.6m3 volume)per vehicleFree
Utilities/Vans/Trailers (greater than 2.4m x 1.5m and maximum of 3.6m3 volume)per vehicleFree
Wheelie Binper binFree
Clean Green Waste Free
Clean Builder Rubble Free
Other users (including all business/commercial waste)   
Cars/Station Wagonsper vehicle$7.50
Utilities/Vans/Trailers (less than 2.4m x 1.5m and maximum of 3.6m3 volume)per vehicle$15.00
Utilities/Vans/Trailers (greater than 2.4m x 1.5m and maximum of 3.6m3 volume)per vehicle$29.00
Wheelie Binper bin$7.50
Clean Green Waste (not mixed or contaminated by other waste) 50% of standard charge (for vehicle type above)
Clean Builder Rubble (not mixed or contaminated by other waste) 50% of standard charge (for vehicle type above)
Trucks/Other Waste  
Trucks <5t GVMper vehicle$245.00
Trucks 6-12t GVMper vehicle$960.00
Trucks 13-16t GVMper vehicle$1,460.00
Trucks 17-23t GVMper vehicle$1,950.00
Car Tyresper tyre$12.50
Truck and Larger Tyresper tyre$35.00
Tractor tyresper tyre$57.00
Refridgerators/Freezers – uncertified $45.50
Refridgerators/Freezers – certified gas free Free
Sort recyclables (see Good Sort brochure for details) Free
Additional Waste Collections  
Recycling Collectionper bin$68.00
Urban Waste Collection (Weekly)per bin$190.00
Rural Waste Collection (Fortnightly)per bin$142.00