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Planning scheme

Planning is the name given to the regulations that guide the use and development of land. These are State Government regulations that are administered by Council. Planning is the first step in the development process. Building, plumbing and other permits cannot be progressed without planning approvals. Most property development is assessed under the Planning Scheme however some works of a minor nature are exempt from assessment.

Waratah-Wynyard Council currently operates under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Waratah-Wynyard. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is made up of two components, the State Planning Provisions and the Local Provisions Schedule. Each Council must prepare its own Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) and submit it to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for their approval, on behalf of the State Government. Waratah-Wynyard Council’s version of the TPS was gazetted for operation on 19 April 2023.

View the Planning Scheme

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Waratah-Wynyard is available online or can be viewed as a printed copy at our council office.


You can easily read the sections of the Planning Scheme that are relevant to you by using the Tasmanian Planning Commission interactive website – If you click on the book icon, this opens the entire planning scheme. The planning scheme can also be navigated by section using the index down the left-hand side of the page. Click on the arrows to ‘unfold’ each chapter.

In Person

To view a printed copy of the Planning Scheme, please visit our office at 21 Saunders Street, Wynyard or Smith Street, Waratah.

Other Useful Information

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme maps can be accessed through iplan, however if you wanted to find out the zoning of your property, you can also use the PlanBuild Enquiry website – Enquiry ( Simply enter your property details, and it will generate a short report identifying the zoning of the property, and any overlays that might apply to it.

Alternatively, all planning scheme information is also available from theLIST website – LISTmap – Land Information System Tasmania (

Links to Waratah-Wynyard Council’s relevant forms and permits below:

Forms & Permits page

The Cradle Coast Regional Land Use Strategy 2010-2030

A Land Use Planning Strategy has been produced and declared by the Minister for Planning as part of the Cradle Coast Regional Planning Initiative under an agreement between the State Government and the nine Councils of the Cradle Coast region. The Strategy is a statement of planning policy which has statutory effect. Download a copy of the Regional Land Use Strategy here

You can find out more about the region’s role in the state-wide planning reforms on the Cradle Coast Authority website.