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Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Waratah-Wynyard Council Local Provisions Schedule

The Tasmanian government has replaced municipal planning schemes with a single Tasmanian Planning Scheme to manage how all land in Tasmania is used, developed, protected, and conserved.

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Vicki Purnell Bio Photo

Australia Day Ambassador: Vicki Purnell

Waratah-Wynyard’s Australia Day Ambassador for 2023 is Vicki Purnell.

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Oldina Forest Reserve Future Use Stakeholder Group

The Waratah-Wynyard Council has been working with stakeholders to explore potential uses for the Oldina Forest Reserve. Earlier work on an Oldina Forest Reserve plan, in partnership with the local pony club did not progress. However, public consultation around the proposal highlighted a strong desire from community for the Oldina Reserve to be an accessible public space.

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Key Events

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The Tulip Festival is an annual celebration held in the idyllic small town of Wynyard, Tasmania. Here’s what festivalgoers had to say about this iconic event.


Waratah-Wynyard - Diversity in Abundance

Waratah-Wynyard, the heart of Tasmania’s beautiful north west, includes the coastal towns and villages of Wynyard, Somerset, Boat Harbour and Sisters Beach, the rural town of Yolla and the former mining towns of Waratah and Corinna. It is renowned for the spectacular display of tulips at Table Cape that showcases a local festival, “Tulip Festival Wynyard” held each October.

Take a little time to explore its beaches and enjoy the fresh sea air and safe swimming and boating opportunities.