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Council closely monitors the ever changing situation with COVID-19 to minimise risk to staff and the community. We will continue to operate essential services, adapting and responding in line with government and health expert directives.

It is essential that individuals keep up to date with the latest government and health advice and this should be sourced from the Tasmanian Government COVID website or by phoning the Public Health hotline on 1800 671 738.

 Council’s role during this crisis are numerous and include: 

  • to ensure the health and safety of employees;
  • to fulfil its emergency response role;
  • to continue to provide, as far as possible, essential services to its community;
  • to work with other levels of government and those within the industry to form a sectoral response;
  • to implement measures as enacted by State and Federal Government;
  • to alleviate the financial burden on the community through stimulus measures; and
  • to position the Council and community for economic recovery.

Council services

Council remains committed to continuing to provide essential services to our community. Rubbish collection, public toilets, outdoor workforce activities and all office functions remain in place in line with public health restrictions and guidelines.

Community recovery

Council is working hard to develop community recovery plans that will help our local businesses, community groups and sporting organisations re-open and recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Hardship policy

Waratah-Wynyard Council has adopted a Financial Hardship Policy  which includes a range of support and stimulus measures – after it was passed unanimously at the April Council meeting on Monday, April 20. 

As a result of imposed restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Council recognises there are cases of genuine financial hardship requiring respect and compassion in special circumstances and the policy provides a suite of temporary measures including: 

  • Negotiation of payment arrangements for period of between 3 and 12 months (period to be approved on a case-by-case basis) 
  • In extenuating circumstances, providing for the postponement of rates and charges for between 3 and 12 months (period to be approved on a case-by-case basis); 
  • Putting on hold legal action for all overdue debts to allow ratepayers and customers time to contact Council to enter a special payment arrangement if needed; and 
  • The ability for customers to apply to the General Manager to waive fees.

 Council also endorsed the following: 

  • 0% increase to the general rate in 2020/21; 
  • 0% increase to the fees and charges schedule in 2020/21;
  • A dedicated community assistance grants package that aims to stimulate activity in a targeted area, likely to total $100,000 in the 20/21 financial year; 
  • Waive all food licence fees to applicable businesses in 2020/21; 
  • No charge entry to the waste transfer station for locals for cars/station wagons for the disposal of domestic waste. This initiative can commence following the current restrictions on movement throughout the North-West Coast and will be reviewed at the end of the current financial year; and 
  • An extension of the early payment discount period for the 2020/21 rating year to 31 October 2020. This will allow ratepayers an extension of time to take advantage of the early payment discount. 

These measures are the first steps in addressing some of Council’s support programs and Council has committed to having a report as part of each monthly agenda until 30 August 2020 to allow review of the stimulus and support measures to ensure their appropriateness.

The website below is regularly updated to give you the latest Coronavirus news, updates and advice from Government agencies across Australia.

Australian COVID-19 website

Cradle Coast Funding Finder

Cradle Coast Authority have created a Funding Finder  to help you find available grants and register to receive updates when new grants become available. The page includes grants specific to the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as general opportunities that may also apply to you or your business.

You can use the Australian Government Coronavirus Australia app to:

  • Stay up to date with the official information and advice
  • Access important health advice to help stop the spread and stay healthy
  • Get a quick snapshot of the current official status in Australia
  • Check you symptoms if you are concerned about yourself or someone else
  • Find relevant contact information
  • Access updated information from the Australian Government
  • Receive push notifications of urgent information and updates

The app can be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play.

For general information about coronavirus, call the national 24-hour coronavirus information line on 1800 020 080 or visit the Australian Government Department of Health website