Age friendly communities

Waratah-Wynyard and Circular Head Councils collaborated in the development of the Age-friendly Communities Plan 2019-24.

This Age-Friendly Communities Plan is intended to help ensure that our local government areas are places where people can flourish as they age.

This is our first Age-Friendly Communities Plan, and we see it as a living document. We look forward to tracking our progress towards our goals, learning from experience, and strengthening this plan over time.


Circular Head and Waratah-Wynyard will be places in which older people are supported to be socially connected, to enjoy enhanced wellbeing and independence, to access the services and supports they need, and to remain valued and contributing members of the community.


Respecting diversity – We recognise that older people are a heterogeneous group, and we respect their diverse capabilities, resources, lifestyles and preferences.

Fostering equity – We are committed to identifying and addressing inequities between groups, including but not limited to age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ethnicity, religion and
Valuing participation – We value and welcome the contributions of older people and their participation in all spheres of life.
Upholding rights – We respect the rights of older people to live with dignity.
Encouraging co-design and co-creation – Older people are not only the beneficiaries, but also crucial agents of change. We acknowledge that creating an age-friendly community requires collaboration and coordination across sectors and with
diverse stakeholders.
Ensuring a two-way approach – We acknowledge that a bottom-up participatory approach should be combined with top-down
political commitment and resources.
Ensuring a life course approach – We acknowledge that a life-course approach that encourages intergenerational relations, solidarity and mutual support should be central to efforts to create age-friendly towns and communities.


A full copy of the Age Friendly Communities Plan can be downloaded HERE