Fact Sheets and Useful Links

Owner builder guidelines

Please refer to the following links for details regarding Owner Builder permit requirements.

Owner builder permit

Fact Sheet – Owner Builder Work 


Finding Accredited building service providers and licensed tradespersons

The Tasmanian Government Consumer, Building and Occupational Services website has a listing of licensed tradespersons in Tasmania.

Search for a Licensed building service provider and tradesperson


Taswater Certificate of Certifiable Works

TasWater will provide a Certificate of Certifiable Works (CCW) for any work that is likely to interfere with their infrastructure.

For Low Risk Work the property owner is responsible to ensure there are no TasWater certifiable works.

For Notifiable and Permit Work (as defined by the Building Act 2016) a Licensed Building Services Provider must certify using an Assessment of Building and Plumbing Works, that there are no certifiable works.  This includes ensuring the property has a water meter, alternatively a CCW or Exemption issued by TasWater must be submitted.

Please refer to the TasWater website full details.