Cat management

Council encourages responsible cat ownership as cats are wonderful companions. If you are considering owning a cat, be aware that they are natural hunters and can kill birds, reptiles and small mammals.

It is strongly encouraged that if you are considering owning a cat or you already own cat, have your cat desexed and  microchipped. Ensuring that your cats vaccinations are up to date will keep them safe from disease.

Cats should be kept indoors at night. This will ensure the safety of native animals in the area. Also, ensure your cat has a collar and tag that has your name and contact details, in case your cat goes missing. Putting a bell on your cat’s collar may help warn native animals of an imminent attack.

For expert advice and useful resources on how to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy, visit Tassie Cat website.  Tassie Cat is a state-wide initiative of the Tasmania Cat Management Project to encourage responsible cat ownership in the community.


Stray and feral cats

Cat management and control is not currently a function of the Waratah-Wynyard Council. Stray or feral cats can be taken to the following cat management facilities:

RSPCA Devonport

 Ten Lives Cat Centre

108 Tarleton Road

12 Selfs Point Road

Spreyton   7310

New Town   7005

Ph 6427 2566

 Ph 6278 2111


Animal welfare

If your concerns are with the welfare of the animal, please contact the RSPCA .