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Emergency Management

The following information is provided so householders can take action to contribute towards risk reduction and their personal safety in the event of a natural emergency.

The Australian Red Cross also produces REDiPlan, which provides four steps to prepare your household for emergencies. A copy of REDiPlan is available here.

Council’s Interim Planning Scheme also makes reference to landslip areas, flood prone areas, storm surge areas and bushfire prone areas. 

The following brochure also provides information on cooperation between the Tasmanian Fire Service and farmers to reduce fire risk.

TFS Farming Communities DL Brochure

Local Incident Management Plans and Community Protection Plans

These plan sets out the things you should do to survive a bushfire and/or other natural disasters.

Sisters Beach/Boat Harbour Community Protection Plan

Waratah Local Incident Management Plan

Western Emergency Management Plan


Emergency Management Links

TasALERT is the Tasmanian Government’s official emergency website that brings together information from emergency services and government agencies.

Bushfire Ready Neigbourhoods

Tasmanian Fire Service Publications

Tasmania Police

Tasmania State Emergency Service