Natural Resource Management

The natural environment is one of Waratah-Wynyard’s most important assets. It is central to our local identity, and it is a key element of our visitor economy. Our woodlands, heaths, wetlands and coastlines together support a rich level of animal and plant biodiversity. The natural environment is also highly valued by our community for its role in supporting recreation, health and wellbeing. Alongside the natural environment are our productive and developed environments: the places where agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, light industry and business operate; and where communities and residences are clustered. Sometimes, there can be friction between the needs and impacts of our natural, productive and developed environments. Council is committed to getting the balance right, both for the current community and for future generations

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Weed Management

Waratah-Wynyard Council takes a proactive, evidenced based, and environmentally sustainable approach to weed management around our municipal area. Weeds can ...
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Tree Management

Waratah-Wynyard has many old and beautiful trees around the municipality. Therefore, Council endeavours to protect these trees .