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Private Water Supplier & Commercial Water Carriers

A Private Water Supplier supplies drinking water obtained from a private water source (other than a TasWater supply) to a premise used for:

  • Commercial Purposes being accommodation, childcare, recreation and private water schemes;
  • Health purposes being aged care, health care and hospitals;
  • Educational facilities including school and universities; or
  • Imprisonment or detention facilities.

The Public Health Act 1997 requires a private water supplier to register with Council and comply with the requirements of the Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

To register as a Private Water Supplier please complete the Application for Registration as a  User or Supplier of Private Water form.

Water Carriers

A water carrier supplies and transports water in bulk in a tank whether or not for fee or reward.

Under the Public Health Act 1997 a water carrier must be registered with the Council in which the majority of its vehicles are stored. A water carrier must also comply with the Tasmanian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

To register as a Water Carrier please complete the application form below:

Application for Registration as a User or Supplier of Private Water.

Application for Registration or renewal of Registration as a Commercial Water Carrier.