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Federal funding for virtual fencing to protect devils at Sisters Beach

Federal funding for virtual fencing to protect devils at Sisters Beach

Virtual fencing to protect Tasmanian Devils and other native wildlife is one of the new projects on the drawing board for Waratah-Wynyard, as Council plans to inject more than half a million dollars into the municipality.

To help realise the projects, Waratah-Wynyard Council has secured funding from the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program, including $29,000 for the installation of virtual fencing to stop Tasmanian Devils (among other animals) crossing the road in the Rocky Cape National Park environmentally sensitive area.

“The Tasmanian Devil is an iconic threatened species unique to our island” said Waratah-Wynyard Mayor Robby Walsh.

“Virtual fencing has proved to be a successful method of preventing animals from entering the road, so we are happy to channel funding toward this worthy project.”

The project had been identified as a priority of the Integrated Council Environmental Plan (iCEP) and has been championed by the Sisters Beach Community Association.
Sisters Beach resident Fiona Loughran was thrilled to receive the news.

“Over the years, our community has noticed an alarming spike in Devil road kills and we decided to do something about it. The Sisters Beach Community Association applied for federal funding last year but were unsuccessful,” Ms Loughran said.

“We are very thankful that Council has been able to help. I’m sure most people in our community will be relieved this project is going ahead and that it will help to reduce the amount of Tassie Devils, quolls and other wildlife that are killed on the road through the Rocky Cape National Park leading into Sisters Beach.

“I look forward to the fencing being installed prior to the busy summer period.”

It is expected councils, where possible, will use local businesses and workforces to deliver projects under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program to ensure stimulus funding flows into local communities. Projects must be completed by 30 June 2021.

Authorised for general media distribution by Shane Crawford, General Manager, Waratah-Wynyard Council on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

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