Exercise Beaches and prohibited areas

Exercise Beaches

Council has several off lead dog beaches throughout the municipality to enable dogs to be exercised all year around off lead. However, your dog must still be in close proximity of you, as well as under your immediate effective control.

To ensure we maintain a clean environment for everyone to enjoy, please dispose of any waste your dog deposits, as these areas are a shared environment for the enjoyment of everyone within the community.


Prohibited Public Areas

There are several “Prohibited public areas” within our municipality that prohibit dogs from entering at all times. A person must not take a dog into:

  • any grounds of a school, preschool, kindergarten, crèche or other place for the reception of children without the permission of a person in charge of the place; or
  • any shopping centre or any shop; or
  • the grounds of a public swimming pool; or
  • any playing area of a sportsground on which sport is being played; or
  • any area within 10 metres of a children’s playground.

This section does not apply to –

  • a guide dog that is accompanying a wholly or partially blind person or is in training for that purpose; or
  • a hearing dog that is accompanying a wholly or partially deaf person or is in training for that purpose; or
  • a pet shop; or
  • the premises of a veterinary surgeon; or
  • a pet-grooming shop; or
  • any other premises related to the care and management of dogs. 

Allowing your dog to enter or taking your dog into a prohibited public area is an offence against the Act. You may be issued with an infringement notice for non-compliance.