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Dog Registration

Lifetime registration for dogs

Waratah-Wynyard Council has lifetime dog tags that include your dog’s tag number and information engraved on one side.

The easiest way to register your dog for the first time is to complete the registration form below. Completed forms can be delivered to Council in person or emailed to

Tags will be issued to your dog or posted out upon first registration and be there for the lifetime of your pet. If your dog loses their tag, Council can issue a replacement tag for a small fee .

After your dog is registered, a renewal notice will be sent in June/July each year – payment of your renewal notice will automatically make the lifetime tag valid.

Please feel free to engrave your details to the rear of the tag – this will help to make reuniting a lost pet quicker and easier.

How do I renew my lifetime dog registration each year?

By having a lifetime tag issued to your pet, it has never been easier to renew your dog registration. If you have received your renewal you can pay by:

  • Pay online now
  • Completing the renewal form by including your payment details/options and returning the form to Council.
  • Visiting our office during business hours.

Once we have received payment your pet’s registration will be automatically updated and valid for that financial year.

Dog registration is a legal requirement under the Dog Control Act 2000 (The Act). You may receive an infringement notice for not complying with this Act. However, there are many additional benefits the come by registering your dog with Council.

Your dog’s registration fees may go toward providing the following:

  • Animal management staff can be employed to support the collection and return of lost dogs to owners.
  • Dog exercise areas, including off leash dog parks.
  • Dog waste bag dispensers within the municipality, dog bags are also available for collection at the Council offices upon request.
  • Individualised registration tags for your registered dog. Dog and owner details are updated annually, as it is easier and faster to reunite a lost dog with its owner.
  • Pound facilities: housing of stray, abandon, lost or dangerous dogs. This service enables a safe environment for dogs where it is fed and housed while all efforts are made to locating their owner.

Registering a dog at six months of age encourages early age de-sexing of that dog, as registration discounts are offered for de-sexed dogs. This may in turn prevent the breeding of unwanted dogs, many of which are euthanised each year across Tasmania.

Registering dogs at six months of age also ensures that a lost dog is swiftly reunited to their owners.

The types and levels of fees are set by the elected members of Council and vary depending on a number of factors. Discounts are available in a number of cases, outlined in Council’s fees schedule.

Generally, yes! The owner or person in charge of a dog, other than an assistance dog, must ensure that the dog, while in a public place, has a collar fastened around its neck to which the dog’s registration tag is attached.

However, this does not apply to –

  • A working dog engaged in working;
  • A hunting dog engaged in hunting;
  • A dog engaged in racing;
  • A dog engaged in showing;
  • A dog engaged in trialling; or
  • A dog engaged in training for any of the above activities.

A replacement registration tag is available from the Council office at a small cost.

If you do not register your dog the following may occur:

  • An infringement notice may be issued.
  • Council may seize and impound the dog.
  • Council may prosecute the dog owner.

Impoundment and associated housing cost will be incurred in the relation to the seizure of the unregistered dog. These costs must be paid before Council can release your dog back to you.
If the dog is not microchipped this will also be conducted and added to the cost prior to its release.

If you are moving to a new house permanently or moving temporarily for more than 14 days with your dog, you will need to notify Council in writing within 14 days of moving.

If you’re transferring to a different municipality, both your old and new councils will need to be notified in writing. You can complete the form here

Please ensure that you immediately notify Council if any of you contact details change. A current phone number is vital to track down the owners of a dog found at large.

As the previous owner, you must notify Council in writing that you no longer own the dog. This must occur within 14 days of the change of ownership. The new owner of the dog will also need to notify Council of the change of ownership in writing within 14 days.

Change of dog ownership form

In the unfortunate situation where your dog passes away, you are obliged to notify Council in writing within 14 days of the dog’s death. This also applies if your dog is lost or permanently removed from your premises. Once notified, Council will cancel your dog’s registration, thus you will not receive a registration reminder notice for your lost pet.

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