Balance key as Council opens EOI for Sisters Beach camping

Balance key as Council opens EOI for Sisters Beach camping

Waratah-Wynyard Council is inviting Expressions of Interest from individuals or community groups interested in operating a public camping site at Sisters Beach.

Public camping has been considered as part of several reports relating to Sisters Beach, including the 2015 Sisters Beach Open Space Plan; the Open Space Sport and Recreation Plan 2015 – 2026 (Camping Issue Paper) and the Freedom Camping Options Report 2019.

After a consultation process with the Sisters Beach community to determine need, identifying site requirements and considering appropriate management models, Council adopted a motion to commence an expression of interest process to find an operator for a public camping site in Sisters Beach at the July 2020 meeting.

The expression of interest process will enable Council to consider the viability and public interest in establishing a site at Sisters Beach.

Key to this process is finding balance, Waratah-Wynyard Council’s Director Community & Engagement Tracey Bradley said.

“We seek to be good hosts of our visitors and we would like them to be good guests when they come to our place,” Ms Bradley said.

“To achieve that we’ll give a high level of warm, welcoming support, but we will also put in place the measures to protect the values and environments important to us.”

The community consultation process was supported by the Council-formed Sisters Beach Working Group. A public camping in Sisters Beach discussion paper was distributed to the community for comment.

“The discussion paper was developed to enable broad comments rather than yes/no responses,” Ms Bradley said.

“The comments were constructive and provided details of why public camping at Sisters Beach was either supported or not considered appropriate.”

Supporters noted the increase of vibrancy in the community and the economic value to the community as positives. Opponents raised issues including traffic management and the impacts on the singular access road into Sisters Beach.

The Expression of Interest process will consider a model of managed public camping bound by performance criteria set by Council.

Expressions of Interest will be open from September 9 – October 9.
Interested parties can learn more by going to Council’s website

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