Fences adjoining private land

Boundary fences between neighbouring properties are the owners responsibility to erect and repair. Boundary fences are governed by the Boundary Fences Act 1908 and the Boundary Fences Regulations 2008.

These regulations stipulate who is responsible for the costs associated with boundary fences, how and when you should notify your neighbour that you intend to undertake work and what to do if you cannot agree. Council is unable to become involved in neighbour disputes. For more information about boundary fences and resolving disputes visit www.legalaid.tas.gov.au

Fences adjoining Council owned land

Contributions by Council to the costs of boundary fencing is governed by the Boundary Fences Act 1908.

Council may contribute to the cost of fencing between privately owned land and Council owned land, other than riparian road reserves, where private land requires such fencing to protect the privacy and security of the private land; and/or  to define the property’s limits to prevent encroachment onto Council property. A full copy of Council’s policy regarding fencing and Council owned land can viewed at the below link.

For more information about fencing property that adjoins Council owned land, please phone Council on (03) 64 8333

For information about whether a planning permit under the Waratah-Wynyard Interim Planning Scheme 2013 is required for a proposed fence, please contact Council on (03) 6443 8333 or email your enquiry to townplanner@warwyn.tas.gov.au