Planning Forms

Application for a Mobile Food Vendor Permit as per Waratah-Wynyard Mobile Food Vendor Guidelines click here.

Places of Assembly

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Application for Place of Assembly Licence82.49 KB21-07-2022 Download

Private Water & Commercial Water Carriers

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Application for User and/or Supplier of Private Water143.44 KB02-08-2022 DownloadPreview
Application for Commercial Water Carrier195.43 KB02-08-2022 DownloadPreview

Regulated Systems

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Application for Registration or Renewal of a Regulated System50.62 KB11-08-2022 DownloadPreview

A Regulated System can be described as a Commercial or Industrial Cooling Tower/Warm Water System where microbes such as Legionella could grow/develop and thereby become a danger to employees, or the general public.

Immunisation Record Request Form

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Immunisation Record Request Form50.92 KB11-08-2022 DownloadPreview

Due to privacy legislation, anyone requiring a certificate of vaccination from our council records is required to complete and submit the above form to council.

A Public Health Risk Activity involves Tattooing and other forms of Body and Skin Penetration which are required to be registered and licensed under the Tasmanian Public Health Act of 1997.