Fossil Bluff and Surrounding Trails Master Plan

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Feb-March 2021
April-May 2021
June 2021
July 2021

Detailed description

The Fossil Bluff and Surrounding Trails Master Plan has been developed with the intent of providing a roadmap for the future development and management of Fossil Bluff Reserve and its surrounding trails.

The Master Plan seeks to preserve Fossil Bluff Reserve and the surrounding area’s natural values, embrace its history and its use as a publicly accessible recreation space. The aim is to inspire the public interest in conservation and local history through education, encourage tourism and provide improved recreational facilities.

Collaboratively, Waratah-Wynyard Council, the Parks & Wildlife Service and Wynyard Landcare seek to improve the biodiversity of the Reserve through habitat regeneration and management of invasive species of flora and fauna.

The Reserve is and will continue to be an environmentally and geologically significant feature for Wynyard, growing its natural beauty and offering unique experiences for locals and visitors.

The Master Plan is intended to cover the Fossil Bluff Reserve, Freestone Cove and foreshore, the unnamed bluff at the top of Inglisdale Drive, the area adjacent to the Inglisdale Riparian Reserve along Golf Links Road and walking trails between reserves. It will cover land currently owned by the Council or the Crown and managed by Council or the Parks and Wildlife Service.

The proposed Master Plan area is highlighted in red by the below map.

The Master Plan was initially developed with the assistance of multiple key stakeholder groups including; Wynyard Landcare, the Parks & Wildlife Service and a palawa community liaison.

The public consultation process for this project is now closed.  

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The Plan will set a clear vision for the future beautification and management of the area. It provides Council with a set of guidelines that addresses any safety concerns and community expectations around how the reserve is intended to be used and what infrastructure might support this. Future improvements to the area can then be planned based on the Master Plan.

Whilst the master plan provides a unified future vision for the area and demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling the projects listed in the document, it is not a commitment to funds or to undertake immediate works.

Council will be asking for input into the Master Plan during the month of July 2021. Individuals must provide their feedback through the online feedback form, via email or in writing.

Early cost indications suggest upfront costs of approximately $450k over the five-year plan period.  Once the community consultation period is complete, the full scope of works will be assessed and priced for completion.


Draft Fossil Bluff and Surrounding Trails Master Plan

Concept Plan

Revegetation Plan for Fossil Bluff