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Fossil Bluff and Surrounding Trails Master Plan

Project planning
Begin planning and undertaking stakeholder consultations
Stakeholder engagement
Ongoing consultation with project partners and key stakeholders
DRAFT Plan development
Public feedback period
DRAFT Plan open for public feedback.
Review of feedback
Review of feedback received, consider amendments to Master Plan prior to final adoption.
Community update
Adoption of revised plan
Detailed planning and approvals
Planning and approvals, including seeking approval from Crown Land Services and the Department of State Growth
Year 1 actions
Implementation of Year 1 Master Plan actions
Year 2 actions
Implementation of Year 2 Master Plan actions
Feb-March 2021
April-May 2021
June 2021
July 2021
Aug-Sept 2021
Sept 2021
18 Oct 2021
Nov 2021 - June 2022
July 2022 onwards
July 2023 onwards

Detailed description

The Fossil Bluff and Surrounding Trails Master Plan has been developed with the intent of providing a roadmap for the future development and management of Fossil Bluff Reserve and its surrounding trails. The Reserve is and will continue to be an environmentally and geologically significant feature for Wynyard, growing its natural beauty and offering unique experiences for locals and visitors.

The Master Plan intends preserving Fossil Bluff Reserve and the surrounding area’s natural values, embracing its history and use as a publicly accessible recreation space. The aim is to inspire public interest in conservation and local history through education, encourage tourism and provide improved recreational facilities.

The plan actions address key opportunities and challenges experienced within the reserve in addition to community concerns for land management, pedestrian walkways and road safety.

The key activities that Council plan to deliver during the 2023/24 financial year include:

  • Continue working with the palawa liaison and community working group to ensure cultural consideration is included in planned interpretive signage for the area.
  • Install furniture to create additional picnic spaces and enhance the use of Freestone Cove foreshore.
  • Replacement of both stairways leading up to Fossil Bluff.

Waratah-Wynyard Council wishes to thank all community members for their contributions to the development of the master plan.


The Plan will set a clear vision for the future beautification and management of the area. It provides Council with a set of guidelines that addresses any safety concerns and community expectations around how the reserve is intended to be used and what infrastructure might support this. Future improvements to the area can then be planned based on the Master Plan.

Whilst the master plan provides a unified future vision for the area and demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling the projects listed in the document, it is not a commitment to funds or to undertake immediate works.

When receiving feedback, Council considers the type and nature of the request, how it fits in context with the feedback received from others, safety and risk, technical feasibility and the greater benefit/impact to the broader community. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to accommodate every concern, request or idea.

Community feedback helped to further define the wants and needs for a public amenity near Fossil Bluff. We heard that you liked the idea, but it needed to be placed in a better location. The new location, identified by community members near the base of the walk to Fossil Bluff lookout, will be investigated. During the investigation we will review the feasibility of building on the proposed site and pending the outcome, Council may go back to the community for further consultation.

Most of the community preferred not to make changes to the way Golf Links Road works. Council understand this and have placed any changes to the road on hold until the results of an erosion investigation can be completed. Once complete, Council will come back to the community with those results and what, if anything, comes next.

Over the next year Council will be undertaking detailed planning and review of assets and reviewing gaps in the urban footpath network in the Fossil Bluff area. This means that urgent repairs, maintenance and new or upgrading of paths will be prioritised, planned and scheduled. Additionally, the walkway between number 6 and 8 Inglisdale Drive will be formalised, upgrading it from grassed to an appropriate standard.


Concept Plan

Revegetation Plan for Fossil Bluff

Fossil Bluff Infographic