Wynyard Sports Precinct

Council to Adopt Master Plan
Detailed Planning, Tendering and Approvals
Planning, tendering and approvals, including seeking approval from Department of Education (already have in principle support) and the Department of State Growth.
Year 1 Actions
Implementation of Year 1 Master Plan actions.
15 November 2021
November 2021 - June 2022
July 2022 onward

Detailed description

Waratah-Wynyard Council adopted an Open Space, Sport and Recreation Plan (OSSR) in 2017 and as part of that strategy, a Wynyard Sporting Precinct was proposed. Development of the proposed precinct has progressed through the use of concepts and ideas generated by the OSSR report and from meetings with each of the clubs and key stakeholders within the sports precinct. Each club has had an opportunity to put forward their ideas and Council has included as much as possible into the draft concept plan, whilst remaining committed to the principles of OSSR.

The Precinct consists of three main areas:

  • The football ground and bowls club,
  • The indoor sporting complex, outdoor tennis courts, squash courts, community garden and band rooms; and
  • Wynyard High School.

Wynyard is fast outgrowing its capacity to provide adequate space for the growing variety of sports on offer and some facilities require upgrades as they do not meet current standards, amenity and capacity needs. To combat this issue and allow for future expansion of community recreation and education, Council (WWC), in conjunction with relevant sporting clubs and Wynyard High School, have established a Wynyard Sports Precinct (WySP) concept plan.

WySP will be co-located at the current Wynyard Recreation Ground, Wynyard High School and the surrounding areas. Once complete, WySP will provide convenience, variety and safety to multiple clubs, users and the general public. It will facilitate the sharing of the Wynyard Recreation Ground with the Wynyard Football Club and Wynyard & Districts Cricket Club. Additionally, the Master Plan offers improved facilities and amenities for Squash, Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Community Garden and Band Rooms. WySP encompasses what the Wynyard community has been asking for; exemplary facilities that provide variety, safety and value-for-money that the whole community can benefit from.

There are many reasons for which this precinct plan should be progressed. Wynyard and Districts Cricket Club currently have substandard facilities that do not meet the capacity or amenity requirements for their competition. There is now an increased usage of the Wynyard Recreation Ground, given the Wynyard Football Club’s growth, increased quantity of games and training requirements. This increased usage has now exceeded its capacity; causing damage and an un-playable surface during the winter months.

There is also limited connectivity between local sports clubs and school-aged children within the community. This hinders the ability to improve the overall community health and wellbeing through the encouragement of lifelong participation in recreational activities and reduces the offering of educational programs and infrastructure within our community.

Establishment of oval three is the first stage of the WySP project as this will allow a space for football to train to keep the foot traffic off the Wynyard Recreation Ground and provide an opportunity for a turf wicket to be established at the Wynyard Recreation Ground.

Wynyard & Districts Cricket Club cannot move to Wynyard Recreation Ground until there is a turf wicket in place and ready to be used.

The WySP Master Plan also proposes closure of a small section of Austin Street to allow safe access between spaces within the precinct. The closed section of Austin Street will be planted out and a pathway installed, including a ‘walk of fame’ for local athletes who have been successful in their careers.

You can submit written feedback before Monday, 20 December, 2021 via email to council@warwyn.tas.gov.au, via post to PO Box 168, Wynyard 7325, or via the form below.

If you would like further information contact the council office on 6443 8333.

The public consultation period has now closed. 


The Plan will set a clear vision for future improvements and management of the area. It provides Council with a set of guidelines that addresses any safety concerns and community expectations around how the Sports Precinct is intended to be used and what infrastructure might support this. Future improvements to the area can then be planned based on the Master Plan.


Whilst the master plan provides a unified future vision for the area and demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling the projects listed in the document, it is not a commitment to funds or to undertake immediate works.

When receiving feedback, Council considers the type and nature of the request, how it fits in context with the feedback received from others, safety and risk, technical feasibility and the greater benefit/impact to the broader community. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to accommodate every concern, request or idea. However, all feedback will be noted and considered before making any final changes to the master plan.

Currently the total cost is estimated to be around $7.2 million over the eight-year plan. Ongoing operational costs estimated at $288,822 may represent a General Rate increase of roughly 3.43% per rateable property per year. In line with Council’s Financial Management Strategy, operational improvements would need to be achieved to fund the additional cost.  This could be achieved by way of decreasing expenditure or increasing revenue streams.


However, this assumes Council will own all assets. Further discussions are required between Council, Wynyard and Districts Cricket Club, Wynyard Football Club and Department of Education to determine which assets are Council owned and managed and which are not. These negotiations could reduce the rate increase and ongoing maintenance costs to the community.


Funding sources to deliver the $7.2 million plan will likely involve a collaboration between Council, community clubs and organisations and the Department of Education. The majority of the works proposed are most likely reliant on successfully obtaining state or federal grant funding; without this it is unlikely the plan can be delivered in its full extent.


The draft master plan proposes the delivery of 27 actions over a current of approximately 8 years. Whilst programming of the works has been recommended within the master plan, this timing is indicative only and is subject to Council’s standard budget and financial management processes.


Oval three is the first priority as it will allow the football club another space to train and play games; taking the pressure off the Wynyard Recreation Ground (oval one) and provides an opportunity to establish the turf wicket without interruption to football.

To increase safety for pedestrians moving between facilities within the precinct, Council are proposing to close a small section of Austin Street. This may create an impact to users of Austin Street and before making a final decision, Council would like to hear any feedback community members have on this change.

In the draft masterplan, it is proposed to close during the 2026-27 financial year subject to Council’s annual budgeting and financial management processes.

Council has worked closely with the relevant sports clubs and the Wynyard High School to ensure the project meets the key concerns of these groups. Council believes that with this greater level of consultation and engagement, the clubs, school and community needs have been addressed within the plan. The draft master plan also provides clarity around delivery timeframes and funding requirements which better highlights the impacts and opportunities for the community.


FINAL WySP Master Plan v1.3