Statement on Wynyard Showground

Council would like to advise that there are no plans to re-develop the Wynyard Showground.

Council is aware that there are rumours circulating at present about a proposal to re-develop the Wynyard Showground. We would like to advise that there are no such plans to do so.

Council is currently developing an Open Space, Sport and Recreation Plan (OSSRP), which is examining (amongst many other matters) the usage of Council buildings and facilities with a view to promoting more shared use and multi-use buildings and facilities in the future. We have many facilities which are only used for part of each year by a narrow group of users, yet the community is contributing funding to maintain these facilities year round.

There are many other issues like this that the Council would like to address with an ultimate aim of making the clubs and sporting associations more sustainable in the long term. Accordingly, we are looking forward to working with our clubs and associations to progress these types of initiatives, however, any changes will only occur with their full agreement. We are not looking to impose any solutions, rather, we would see the Council and clubs working in partnership to ensure that we can continue to provide high level buildings and facilities for our next generation.

If, in the future, all of the users of the Showground were housed in alternative shared, multi-use facilities, then it would be up to the community to determine the use of the Showground and this would occur in an open and transparent manner.

It is expected that the OSSRP will undergo public consultation in about a months’ time and Council staff will be more than happy to discuss the plan with community members during this process. If there are any other questions at this stage, please contact Council on 6443 8333.

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