Pre-Game/Training Sports Safety Checklist

To be completed prior to commencement of training or games/events

Regular Sporting users are required to complete the following online form prior to training or games/events.

Personal details

Name of authorised representative
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Time of Inspection

Check List

1) Weather conditions are satisfactory for play to commence(Required)
2) All visible debris has been removed from playing surface(Required)
3) Irrigation heads and taps are level with playing surface(Required)
4) Playing surface is free from major holes or clumps that could cause tripping(Required)
5) Playing surface is satisfactorily stable(Required)
6) There is no standing water on the playing surface(Required)
7) Playing surface profile is not unduly hard(Required)
8) Goal posts are securely anchored and posts are padded where required(Required)
9) Public/spectator areas are free from visible hazards(Required)
10) Player change rooms and all toilet facilities are free of hazards(Required)
11) Perimeter fencing and signage are safe and secure(Required)
12) There are no other hazards that create danger for players(Required)
13) Are First Aid Facilities, personnel and ice accessible(Required)
14) Are the game formats and ground markings in-line with Preferred Facility Guidelines (eg. AFL, Cricket Aus etc)(Required)
15) Are there any other safety concerns(Required)