Waste Collection

NOTE: There are currently no changes to waste and recycling collection due to the COVID-19 restrictions.


All properties within the serviced area (typically urban) have access to a kerbside collection of one 240L wheelie bin. For the majority of people who receive this service, it is collected on a weekly basis. In Waratah, residents receive a fortnightly collection service.

Public place bins are also provided in CBD’s, large parks and some sporting facilities. These are provided for the disposal of rubbish related to the use of these areas.

It’s estimated that a large portion of the rubbish that is disposed of within the general waste wheelie bin is either recyclable or organic materials. Go to www.rethinkwaste.com.au to check out some ways that you might be able to compost at home or tips on how to reduce the waste that goes to landfill.

Typically, waste is collected weekly from most areas on the day highlighted in the linked brochure. The colour is representative of your areas collection zone.

Collection schedule map

When placing your bin out for collection, please make sure that:

  • The bin is placed out on time – we recommend doing so the night before your scheduled collection day as there is no guarantee the collection truck will arrive at the same time as previous weeks
  • The wheels are facing away from the kerb
  • The wheelie bin is as close to the kerb as possible
  • It is on level ground
  • It is at least one metre away from other wheelie bins and other obstructions such as trees and power poles which would obstruct the mechanical arm of the truck
  • The lid is fully shut on the bin
  • There are no additional items placed on top or around the bin

In some small cul-de-sacs it may be necessary to place the bins together at the entrance to the cul-de-sac where the road is usually straighter, as the mechanical arm may have difficulties reaching bins that are placed on the curved parts of the kerb.

Collection services begin early in the morning and there is no guarantee that it will occur the same time on collection days. Collection can occur anytime between 6am and 6pm.

To ensure your bin is ready for collection, please place the bin kerbside before 6am on the scheduled collection day. We recommend doing so the night before your scheduled collection.

No additional collection will be provided to properties where the bin wasn’t placed out in time for collection.

If you’ve placed the bin on the kerb in time for collection and your bin has not been collected, please contact Council.

General waste wheelie bins (with a green lid) are currently owned by residents, which means you can take them with you when you move (yellow lidded bins should stay at the property – see Recycling Collection information).

Council does not supply green-lidded bins and these should instead be sourced and purchased by householders.

The rubbish truck that collects the waste from these bins has limitations on the type of bins it can collect. When purchasing a new bin, please make sure the bin:

  • is a 240L wheelie bin;
  • has a functioning lid and wheels; and
  • is in sound condition and there are no holes or cracks in the side.