Other Waste & Recycling

Please see below for some useful information relating to disposal that is offered by external service providers.

The most recent kerbside recycling bin audit identified soft plastic as the biggest contaminate in Waratah-Wynyard. REDCycle is a Melbourne based organisation who recover and recycle over 3 million pieces of soft plastic every week. Woolworths and Coles stores across Australia are Redcycle deposit locations, including Woolworths here in Wynyard. REDCyle accept those soft plastics that can’t go in the wheelie bin, such as bread bags, pasta and rice bags, frozen food and veggie bags, confectionary bags, plastic bags and cereal box liners.

PLEASE NOTE: (April 2023) REDCycle services are currently on hold. Please visit their website for further information.

Envorinex is an Australian owned and operating company based in George Town, Tasmania.  They are a company that reprocess and re-manufacture waste plastic into second-life products with an aim to improve Australia’s environmental footprint.  

Every year they collect and recycle 600 tonnes of silage wrap, which is only half of the total silage wrap used annually in Tasmania. They also recycle the 200 Litre HDPE drums.  

If you are interested in disposing of your silage wrap or HDPE drums in an environmentally friendly manner, you can register your farm online.

The Wynyard Waste Transfer Station is a drumMUSTER point for the disposal of chemical containers. 

drumMUSTER provides an easy, environmentally-friendly way of disposing of eligible, cleaned agvet chemical containers used for farming. drumMUSTER collect eligible non-returnable metal or plastic containers above one litre/kilogram and up to 205 litre/ kilogram. Eligible containers must carry the drumMUSTER logo either on the label, applied as a sticker to the container or label, or embossed onto the wall of the container. 

Since drumMuster started, Waratah-Wynyard have deposited over 17,900 containers for recycling. 

Councils Waste Transfer Station is open daily from 10am to 4pm and would encourage any farming business to utilise this method for disposing of eligible chemical containers.  

For more information or to see if your containers are eligible visit teh drumMuster website 

ChemClear is an Australian wide program that provides waste holders with the opportunity to dispose of their eligible left-over chemicals at no additional cost. The aim of the ChemClear program is to provide the agricultural industry with a safe method to dispose of unwanted agricultural chemicals.

Chemicals eligible for free collection and disposal under this program will display the drumMuster or ChemClear logo on the chemical container. For those chemical containers that are unknown, un-labelled and non-participating they fall into group 2 classification. This means these chemicals can still be collected by ChemClear, however they will attract a per Lt/Kg fee for disposal.

For more information and to register for the ChemClear service, visit their website

It can be difficult for small local businesses to find the correct reuse, recycling and waste services they need to accurately dispose of their waste items. Many businesses do not have the time or the experience to sought out these services.  

Business Recycling is Australia’s most comprehensive online database that assists small to medium businesses find recycling collection and support services for their workplace in an aim to accurately dispose of their waste. The website is simple and straight forward. All you need to do is insert your postcode, select the category of waste, and the type of material. This information will then generate a list of disposal outlets within the State, indicating the distance the service is from your location.

For further details visit the Business Recycling website