iCEP Integrated Council Environmental Plan

Consultation for iCEP opens
public awareness campaign
iCEP street event allows for public awareness campaign and community feedback
consultation outcomes
Collate and analyse consultation outcomes
Internal workshop
Councillors engaged in planning workshop
Public consultation
DRAFT Plan open for consultation
Public comment review
Consideration of public comments from consultation period
Final draft to Council
Amended iCEP Plan to Council for endorsement
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
November 2019
December 2019
February 2020
June 2020
July 2020
August 2020

Detailed description

Council is creating its first iCEP and when complete in mid-2020, it will be Council’s roadmap for caring for the natural environment while meeting the challenges of a changing climate.

This comprehensive integrated environmental plan is required to tackle mounting environmental challenges.

Waratah-Wynyard Mayor Robby Walsh acknowledged higher fire danger, changing rainfall patterns and beach erosion are already a reality in Waratah-Wynyard, but said that Council is optimistic about the future.

The iCEP will be a living document, renewed and updated every five years, to adapt to emerging issues and opportunities.

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An Environmental Plan can mitigate the effects of environmental change, identify and prepare for likely future decisions and strengthen the adaptive capacity of people and organisations. Natural assets play a key role in Tasmania’s economy, health and wellbeing and marketability. Tasmania’s brand is also responsible for drawing visitors to the island. North-West Tasmania contains 37 per cent of all farm businesses in the State.


DRAFT iCEP - Integrated Environ Council Plan - Vers 1c - May 2020

Media Release - Council’s draft environmental plan ready for feedback