Coastal Pathway Project: Wynyard to Burnie

For more than 20 years there has been an ambition to develop a shared pathway along the north west coastal strip.

Across the coast, various segments of the coastal pathway have been constructed.

Click here to see the Coastal Pathway progress in other municipal areas.

Within Waratah-Wynyard, work has occurred to extend the shared pathway network in Wynyard to the east, with extensive sections existing on the east Wynyard and Somerset foreshores.

Waratah-Wynyard Council and Burnie City Council’s shared vision for the project is to link Burnie to Wynyard via a shared path.

The State Government signed a funding deed with the Burnie City Council earlier this year, committing $1.86M to the joint venture. This was coupled with $12M to address coastal erosion works.

The general alignment of the pathway will be on the formation of the former railway line.

Work to-date on the project includes:

• Concept design for the pathway
• Environmental reporting to support a development application
           o Penguin Management Plan
           o Natural Values Assessment
           o Contamination Assessment
• Coastal Erosion works
           o Developing detailed design concepts

It is anticipated that a development application for the Coastal Pathway will be lodged in late October 2022.

Once the concept design is finalised the drawings will be available to view on this page. Subject to satisfactory progression of the approvals processes, we aim to progress with a tender process for the works in early 2023, with an intent to have site works commencing mid 2023.

The plans below show the general alignment of the proposed Coastal Pathway, subject to detail design. 

Coastal Pathway Project: Draft Drawing Set

Community information session October 2022

Across the two Councils a total of six information sessions were conducted. Thank you to those which came along to be informed and ask questions and to those which posted questions online.

There were some great questions asked and several opportunities for improving the project outcomes were identified.

Generally, discussions at the sessions can be grouped as follows

  • Pathway alignment
  • Pathway design and construction methodology
  • User needs
  • Infrastructure and Amenity
  • Project Delivery
  • Environmental

A few typical questions and answers are provided below.

Pathway Alignment

Will the pathway be on the rail line all the way?

The vast majority of the pathway will be on the Strategic Infrastructure Corridor. Some sections will be on road reservation, separated from traffic.


Pathway Design and Construction

What is the path width and construction material?

The path will be 2.6 m wide and surfaced with asphalt.


Will there be fencing?

Where required penguin fencing will be installed to protect the penguins, except for locations where the path is very close to traffic or there is a steep dropped off, there will be no fencing on the south side of the path.


Will the railway line be removed?

Yes, the rail infrastructure will be removed. The existing bridges will be retained. The State Government will provide direction on the rail infrastructure disposal process.


Will there be a white line to separate users?

At this stage there is no plan to paint a white line. Signage will provide guidance to path users as to appropriate behaviours in using the shared facility.



Will there be appropriate provision for people with a disability to access the path?

Yes, delineated connections from the pathway to the abutting footpath network will be provided at suitable intervals.


Can I still access the beach?

Yes , for the most part, existing access points to the beach will be retained. Between Woody Point and Doctors rocks a penguin fence will be installed. Formal access to the beach will be provided at a number of locations.


Infrastructure and Amenity

Will there be rest points along the pathway and what will be provided?

Rest stops will be provided along the path. Where possible existing facilities will be used. At the rest locations that intent is to provide seating, information and direction signage and interpretation signage. Drinking fountains to be provided where there is a reticulated water supply. No new public toilets will be provided. Refuse bins will be located along the path.


Project Delivery

When will works start?

Provided the Councils are able to secure the necessary approvals in a timely manner and finalise a tender process, we aim to start the project around mid-year.



How will the penguins be protected?

A penguin management plan has been prepared by the project and will be implemented by the construction contractor. Various measure will be put in place to minimise harm to the penguins?