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Coastal Pathway Project: Wynyard to Burnie

Tender awarded to Shaw Contracting
Shaw Contracting was awarded the project tender.
Cooee to Camdale Construction Commences
Beachside revetments begin from Cooee to Camdale.
Cooee to Wynyard Construction Commences
Track removal commences towards the west.
July 2023
September 2023
January 2024

Coastal Pathway Project

In 2009, Waratah-Wynyard Council and other North-West councils initiated the North West Coastal Pathway Project. The plan was released in 2010 and produced in conjunction with Safer Roads for Cyclists Tasmania, and the Tasmanian State Government.

Across North-West Tasmania, various sections of the coastal pathway have already been constructed. Click here to see the Coastal Pathway progress in other municipal areas.

Wynyard to Burnie

Waratah-Wynyard Council (WWC) and Burnie City Council (BCC) are connecting Burnie and Wynyard via a shared coastal pathway. The general alignment of the pathway will be along the former railway line from Cooee to Wynyard. Construction commenced in September 2023.

Pathway Map

Funding of $13.86M has been allocated to the project by the Tasmanian State Government, with WWC and BCC contributing $1.86M collectively to the project. The total project includes:

  • 13.2 km of shared path (comprising 12.2 km of new path and 1 km of existing shared path in Somerset).
  • 7 revetment structures (erosion control).

Within the Burnie municipality, a section of the pathway between West Park and Cooee was constructed a decade ago.  A section through the West Park precinct, connecting West Park and the waterfront, was completed in December 2023.

Shaw Contracting was awarded the contract to deliver the rest of the Wynyard to Burnie shared pathway. Work commenced within the BCC section in September 2023, and within the WWC section in January 2024.

Worksite Notice

Please be aware that the current construction of the Coastal Pathway from Cooee to Cam River is an active worksite. As safety is always our utmost priority, Burnie City Council and Waratah-Wynyard Council kindly ask the community not to access the site and remain at a safe distance at all times.

Project Updates

September to December 2023

  • Works commence within BCC and on the Cam River Pedestrian Bridge.
  • Rails, sleepers and overgrown vegetation were removed from the site.
  • Commenced replacement of 1600m of penguin fencing. The old 600mm fence was replaced with a 1200mm high fence.
  • Planning applications were submitted for works within WWC.

January to February 2024

  • Construction has commenced in Somerset, moving towards Wynyard.
  • Rail has been cut from the Cam River bridge and work has commenced.

Pause Places

“Pause Places” are compositions of locally sourced log seats, rocks and vegetation, carefully located in high profile places to provide attractive places to rest, break a journey, see and learn about nature, watch the world go by or for the young at heart to play.

Pause Places is funded by a Healthy Focus Grant from the Department of Health, and undertaken by the Cradle Coast Authority and Waratah-Wynyard Council. The project will see the installation of five Pause Place locations in our community.

3 Pause Places are featured along the coastal pathway project, with a further two located in Wynyard and Sisters Beach. Burntwood Point, Point Creek and Camp Creek will feature Pause Places.


The vast majority of the pathway will be on the Strategic Infrastructure Corridor. Some sections will be on road reservation, separated from traffic.

The path will be 2.6 m wide and surfaced with asphalt.

Yes - the rail infrastructure will be removed. The existing bridges will be retained. The State Government will provide direction on the rail infrastructure disposal process.

At this stage there is no plan to paint a white line. Signage will provide guidance to path users as to appropriate behaviours in using the shared facility.

Yes - delineated connections from the pathway to the abutting footpath network will be provided at suitable intervals.

Yes - for the most part, existing access points to the beach will be retained. Between Woody Point and Doctors rocks a penguin fence will be installed. Formal access to the beach will be provided at a number of locations.

Rest stops will be provided along the path. Where possible existing facilities will be used. At the rest locations that intent is to provide seating, information and direction signage and interpretation signage. Drinking fountains to be provided where there is a reticulated water supply. No new public toilets will be provided. Refuse bins will be located along the path.

A penguin management plan has been prepared by the project and will be implemented by the construction contractor. Various measures will be put in place to minimise harm to the penguins. A new 1200mm high fence will replace the existing 600mm fence.

The old railway and all material associated is owned by the Tasmanian State Government, Council will await the State Government direction as to what is to be done with them. Assets are being stored at the BCC Waste Management Centre, awaiting further instructions.


The detailed concept plans lodged with the development applications are available by clicking the concept plans below.

Coastal Pathway Plans