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Cardigan Street Recreation Ground Upgrades

Scoping of works
Developing scope of works and design review period
Tender open
Tender period, evaluation and awarding of contract
Nominal construction period
Preliminary works
Preparation for fencing and car park upgrades
July 2020
August 2020
Oct 2020 - Feb 2021
March 2021

Detailed description

The Cardigan Street Recreation Ground is a Council-owned and maintained facility situated on Council land at the eastern end of Cardigan Street, Somerset. The playing surface and grounds are maintained by council and the club-rooms are privately owned and maintained by the main user of the facility: the Somerset Soccer Club.

The grounds do not currently meet standards specified by the Football Federation of Tasmania (FFT) and the playing surfaces struggle with the current level of use by the soccer club.

Maintenance of the ground is largely hindered during the winter months due to an underlying hardpan surface that does now allow for ground water drainage. During periods of rainy weather, the top soil of the playing surface is boggy, and water logged. During maintenance the ground is often damaged due to the condition of the soil.

During the current 2020/21 financial year, works are planned to improve the facility by realigning the pitch, extending underground irrigation and renewing the goals and perimeter ball-catching fences.


To achieve two full size pitches that meet the Football Federation of Tasmania’s standards, both pitches will need to be realigned by moving approximately 20m to the west of the existing position. This will involve vegetation clearing (limiting the loss of significant trees where possible), excavation and fill, renewing the perimeter ball-catching fences and extending the underground irrigation system. Minor works to move the irrigation pump shed and renewing the four goals will also occur.

Council will aim to minimise disruption to users as much as possible during construction and will continue to work with the Somerset Soccer Club on changes to timelines. The works are scheduled to occur during the off-season to minimise the impact to users and spectators.