Cam River Master Plan

Cam River Master Plan

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DRAFT report
DRAFT report developed
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1 October 2019
December 2019
February 2020
February-May 2020
12 June 2020

Detailed description

Waratah-Wynyard Council is planning for the future of the Cam River Reserve by developing a five-year Master Plan. We heard from the community that the existing park needed updating and that the reserve was favoured for its natural beauty and opportunities to relax and undertake leisurely activities like swimming and walking.

The Master Plan will provide Council guidance on the infrastructure and landscaping that will ultimately provide the greatest benefit for all users of the reserve area.

The vision for the Master Plan captures input from the community and shows how the reserve will be transformed whilst continuing to be a social space that celebrates the natural qualities of the area

The main objectives of the plan are to:

  1. Improve pedestrian safety in the reserve and enhance pedestrian access to the reserve.
  2. Improve the landscape character of the reserve and its presentation as the eastern entry to the municipality.
  3. Protect and enhance the visual amenity and natural values of the reserve.
  4. Develop guidelines for the type and style of infrastructure and landscaping for the Cam River Reserve.

The feedback received from the community at the end of 2019 was used to develop the DRAFT Master Plan for the area that builds upon the Cam River Reserve Landscape Development Plan, which was adopted in 2012.

Although there are many special qualities about the reserve, some of the existing infrastructure is beginning to age. There are also several activities being carried out within the reserve and Council is obligated to review its infrastructure provision to ensure users can enjoy the space safely.

We welcome your feedback on the DRAFT Cam River Reserve Master Plan.

Feedback must be received by Council by close of business Friday 3 July in order to be considered prior to the final adoption of the plan.


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The Plan will set a clear vision for the future development and management of the area. It provides Council with a set of guidelines that addresses safety concerns and community expectations around how the reserve is intended to be used and what infrastructure might support this. Future improvements to the area led by Council can then factor in the information from the Master Plan.

The Tasmanian Government’s State Growth Department have reviewed the Cam River bridge, and any changes made are the responsibility of the State Government. Changes made will be factored into the Cam River Master Plan’s final design, however Council are not responsible for the final decisions relating to the design of the highways or bridge.

Ultimately the proposed changes to the reserve will provide the greatest benefit and improve safety for all users of the reserve. Council will continue to connect with local clubs and organisations associated with the reserve throughout the life of the Master Plan and beyond.

Council acknowledges the playground (locally known as the ‘Boat Park’) has been a great asset to the community. As with all infrastructure, the boat is now showing signs of its age. Council has made all efforts to maintain the boat to meet the Australian Standards for playground safety, however its internal structures are now rotting and are not able to be repaired. With a grand new all abilities playground planned for nearby open space at Anzac Park, the area can be transformed with interactive sculpture/s than can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.


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