Boat Harbour Beach Master Plan

Master Plan adoption
Engagement of architect and subconsultants
To progress detailed concept design and planning permit processes. BHB Master Plan working group was established to assist with this process.
Development approval for BHB master plan
Western Bay seawall completed
Engagement of architect and subconsultants to progress detailed design
August 2019
July 2022 - December 2022
April 2023
July 2023
April 2023 - October 2023

Detailed description

Boat Harbour Beach is a small beachside settlement located on the northwest coast of Tasmania – approximately 30km west of Burnie within the Waratah Wynyard municipal area. The township is predominantly a coastal shack community that has between 20-30 permanent residents and approximately 100 residential dwellings and a number of non-residential uses such as a surf club, café and visitor accommodation. It is part of the larger locality of Boat Harbour that includes services such as a primary school and convenience store that provides fuel adjacent to the Bass Highway. Boat Harbour Beach has a unique natural landscape setting with aqua blue water and white sandy beaches. It sits at the bottom of a steep escarpment below rich agricultural land and within a dramatic amphitheatre-like location. Boat Harbour Beach experiences significant seasonal fluctuations in population and visitors to the township that peak in the summer period.

Why a Master Plan?

The Boat Harbour Beach Master Plan (Master Plan) was developed to address community expectations and provide a strategic plan for the area. 

The Master Plan provides a unifying vision for the area focusing particularly on the management of public spaces around the beach area and the provision of supporting infrastructure and development.

In this context, the Master Plan:

  • Identifies the overall values of the place which should be protected;
  • Examines the role and function of the Boat Harbour Beach area in the context of North West Tasmania;
  • Identifies current opportunities and constraints;
  • Aligns the interests of all stakeholders towards common goals and achieves cohesiveness in future actions by those stakeholders;
  • Gives clarity to the community, business, investors and government about the future direction for the area; and
  • Provides an overarching framework to prioritise investment in the area.

What are the aims of the Master Plan?

  • Identify the overall vision for the township based on key directions.
  • Develop clear objectives for the future development and character of the town including specific planning scheme requirements that may be required for Boat Harbour Beach to reflect the objectives.
  • Consider and detail the key environmental constraints of the township.
  • Consider and detail key infrastructure constraints including car parking and access for the township.
  • Establish a plan to improve the quality of the areas available for public open space; including pedestrian access, BBQ facilities and play equipment.
  • Identify a settlement boundary having regard to key land constraints and values.
  • Consider further detailed work that may be necessary to support implementation of the plan such as streetscape design plans or precinct plans.

Key projects and progress updates

Western Bay Seawall replacement

This project was completed in July 2023. Some final site tidy up works are yet to be completed and will be carried out before the end of October 2023.

Boat Harbour Beach foreshore development

This project includes:

  • New surf club building incorporating community space, Café and public amenities
  • Foreshore landscaping, play spaces and public spaces
  • Access roads and parking

A development approval has been obtained for the project, with a detailed design to be completed by the end of October 2023.

Progressing this project is subject to external funding commitments. Council to date have secured a commitment of $4.5 million from the Australian Labour Party to progress these plans, with further funding still being sought.