Working with Council to improve local recreation infrastructure

Working with Council to improve local recreation infrastructure

15 August 2020

Michael Ferguson, Minister for State Growth

Robby Walsh, Waratah-Wynyard Mayor


The Tasmanian Liberal Government is contributing $300,000 to Waratah-Wynyard Council to improve walking tracks at the Waratah Falls and revitalise the Waratah Rail Bridge as a tourism experience.

Both projects are seen as community priorities, identified in the Waratah Community Plan being progressed by the Waratah Community Board.

State Growth Minister Michael Ferguson said the Government has been working with the Council to progress community projects.

“The improvement of the Waratah Falls walking tracks and a viewing experience/interpretation alongside the Waratah Rail Bridge was put forward,” Mr Ferguson said.

“We look forward to seeing visitors and tourists alike enjoying these experiences.”

Waratah-Wynyard Mayor Robby Walsh said the walking track project would benefit the community for decades to come and is the start of a staged program of improvements for the Waratah Falls area.

“The Waratah Falls are iconic and there are very few places where the waterfall is in the middle of town. Much can be done to maximise the tourism and economic benefit of the falls and we thank the state government for their support for both of these projects,” Cr Walsh said.

“Securing this funding has been achieved through the Waratah community identifying priorities and the Community Board undertaking the critical work to keep these matters progressing.”

The announcement follows notification by TasWater that the expression of interest process to identify a new owner for the Waratah Dam has been unsuccessful, leading to likely decommissioning of the dam.

The Government worked in conjunction with Waratah-Wynyard Council and TasWater to find a solution that would allow a new owner to take over the dam, but despite all three parties working together collaboratively, a financially viable outcome could not be achieved.

“Clearly the community will be disappointed with the outcome of the Waratah dam expression of interest process, however we hope that both the Council’s and Government’s contribution to these new priority projects will offset some of those feelings,” Cr Walsh said.

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