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Strategy aims to make Waratah-Wynyard’s towns more liveable

Strategy aims to make Waratah-Wynyard’s towns more liveable

Council has been working on a Settlement Strategy for the towns of the Waratah-Wynyard municipality. The Settlement Strategy is a planning document to set a direction for the development of the towns and villages of the Waratah-Wynyard Council area.  It seeks to ensure they become (even) better places to live and work.

The scope of the strategy is largely set by regional planning documents and in particular the Cradle Coast Regional Land Use Strategy. However, Council believe that the best way to achieve the goals laid out in these documents is a matter best decided with the community.

To this end we undertook the first round of consultation for the strategy between June 4-19. The findings of this survey have been very helpful for us to see your communities through your eyes, to understand what gives your towns and villages character, what would most contribute to ‘liveability’ and what you like and dislike about living there.

We have now had a chance to take stock of your responses and it has revealed some very useful insights for us. We have documented these findings, along with the lessons we have learnt from the consultation and the next steps in the report here.

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