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New rings to promote junior participation in basketball in Wynyard and Somerset

New rings to promote junior participation in basketball in Wynyard and Somerset

Waratah-Wynyard Council has secured funding for the installation of “Under-10” basketball rings at the Wynyard Sports Centre and Somerset Indoor Recreation Centre.

The works will enhance and promote junior participation in basketball, while also meeting the requirements of the North West Basketball Union.

“We’re pleased to announce these upgrades to these facilities,” Waratah-Wynyard Mayor  Robby Walsh said.

“Council is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles in the municipality and the new rings will help young people participate in basketball.”

Currently neither facility meets the requirements for full court provision of Under 10 rings leaving some junior basketballers at a disadvantage.

President of the Somerset Amateur Basketball Association, Mr Grant Jackson, said: “The Somerset Amateur Basketball Association community is excited and appreciative to the Waratah-Wynyard Council for the additional opportunities the installation of the new rings will provide for our Under 10 program.”

The works have been jointly funded via the Communities, Sport and Recreation’s Improving the Playing Fields Grant Program (small grants program – $37,355) and the Waratah-Wynyard Council for a total value of approximately $75,000.

The works will include some electrical upgrades to both facilities which enable the installation of new backboards and rings that are adjustable to suit junior sport.

President of the Wynyard Basketball Association, Mr Scott Wilson welcomed the funding.  

“For our Under 10s and Mini Ballers the new adjustable ring system will be the best way to learn the game and now we will be able to showcase our stadium to all age groups along the North-West Coast.”

The installation is anticipated to take place during 2021.

Authorised for general media distribution by Shane Crawford, General Manager, Waratah-Wynyard Council on Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

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