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Somerset Sports Precinct Master Plan

Draft Master Plan Adopted
The draft SoSP Master Plan was adopted by Council on May 20, 2024.
Master Plan Feedback Opens
Feedback on the Draft Master Plan opens.
Master Plan Feedback Closes
Feedback on the Draft Master Plan closes.
20th May 2024
20th May 2024
7th July 2024

In 2017, Waratah-Wynyard Council adopted the Open Space, Sport and Recreation Plan (OSSR), which provided key recommendations for managing open space, sport, and recreation in the area.

The Somerset Recreation Precinct was identified as a crucial area for consolidating sporting venues, requiring the acquisition of privately owned land to implement the plan fully. However, due to significant residential growth reducing available land, council has been unable to pursue the OSSR vision. To move forward, the development of the Somerset Sporting Precinct (SoSP) Master Plan is now required.

Somerset is struggling to provide adequate space for its growing variety of sports, and existing facilities require upgrades to meet current standards and needs. The SoSP Master Plan aims to provide a diversity of recreation opportunities within Somerset. The proposed facilities shall enhance participation in physical and social activities, liveability, the health and wellbeing of residents and the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the region.

Somerset Facilities

Organised sports in Somerset are held on public land at the following locations:

  • Langley Park (The Esplanade) – Football and Cricket
  • Somerset Tennis (Tennis Court Road)
  • Somerset Indoor Recreation Centre (Beaufort Street) – Basketball, Indoor Bowls and Badminton
  • Somerset Recreation Ground (Cardigan Street) – Soccer

A public hireable facility and the vacant land adjacent the Somerset Primary School have also been considered during the development of the Master Plan.

Key Objectives

The objectives of this master plan are to:

  1. Provide opportunities to enable greater participation in recreational pursuits to improve the potential for personal and community benefits.
  2. Increase utilisation of public facilities through consolidation, improved accessibility and shared use.
  3. Enhance partnerships between Council, the community and other organisations.
  4. Provide quality facilities that are consistent with the asset provision in council’s adopted hierarchy for sports and recreation.
  5. Integrate school and community facilities to foster lifelong participation in health and wellbeing activities.
  6. Establish community facilities that are sustainable and can be managed cost-effectively through shared contributions to the renewal and maintenance of the facilities.

The proposed plan commits to:

  • Investment at Langley Park to improve lighting, cricket wicket, player amenities and accessibility
  • Three full-size indoor courts for a relocated Somerset Indoor Recreation Centre to the school site. The school site would also house space for indoor bowls, a new outdoor tennis facility with four courts, additional community rooms and improved car parking adjacent the school.
The Master Plan proposes the delivery of 17 action items over eight years.

Draft Plan Feedback

Public consultation on the Draft Master Plan opened 22 May 2024 and closed on 7 July 2024.


The Plan will set a clear vision for future improvements and management of the area. It provides Council with a set of guidelines that addresses any safety concerns and community expectations around how the Sports Precinct is intended to be used and what infrastructure might support this. Future improvements to the area can then be planned based on the Master Plan.


Whilst the master plan provides a unified future vision for the area and demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling the projects listed in the document, it is not a commitment to funds or to undertake immediate works.

The Master Plan proposes the delivery of 17 action items over eight years, at a total estimated capital expenditure of almost $27 million. Once completed, an additional $355,000 annually is expected to cover depreciation and maintenance (this figure is net of any savings in decommissioning of existing sites). These recurrent costs are equivalent to a 3.8% general rate increase. In line with Council’s Financial Management Strategy, operational improvements would need to be achieved to fund the additional cost. This could be achieved through decreasing expenditure or increasing revenue streams.


The estimates assume that most assets become public, owned and maintained by Council. This creates an additional financial burden on the broader community. Council will continue to work with key stakeholders to negotiate asset ownership moving forward, potentially reducing the annual recurrent costs.


The estimates have been prepared based on current market rates and a conceptual understanding of each action. The costs will be revised once detailed design and planning has been completed for each action. Additionally, current estimates do not include inflation or conditions placed on the works by other authorities.


Funding sources to deliver the $27 million plan will rely on successfully obtaining State and Federal funding. Additionally, collaboration between Council, community clubs and the Department for Education, Children and Young People will be important to securing funds and smaller grants, ensuring every opportunity is taken make the plan successful.

The draft master plan proposes the delivery of 17 actions over a period of approximately 8 years. Whilst programming of the works has been recommended within the master plan, this timing is indicative only and is subject to Council’s standard budget and financial management processes.

Draft Master Plan

SoSP Draft Master Plan