Oldina Forest Reserve Future Use Stakeholder Group

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Oldina Forest Reserve – Future Use Stakeholder Group Expression of Interest

The Waratah-Wynyard Council has been working with stakeholders to explore potential uses for the Oldina Forest Reserve. Earlier work on an Oldina Forest Reserve plan, in partnership with the local pony club did not progress. However, public consultation around the proposal highlighted a strong desire from community for the Oldina Reserve to be an accessible public space.

Council has agreed to facilitate the development of a stakeholder group to consider future potential uses of the Oldina Forest Reserve.

Expressions of interest are being requested from community members and groups that have an interest in the Oldina Reserve and would like to be part of this stakeholder group.

Once expressions of interest have been obtained, a stakeholder group meeting will be held at a venue to be determined, where information will be provided, and initial ideas generated. Ideas will then be collated and shared back with the group at a further meeting or via email.  The initial meeting will be facilitated by a Council representative, with representatives from Sustainable Timber, as the landowner, providing context on the site management.

Future steps will be defined after the initial collation of ideas and feedback.

Expressions of interest can be sent to Council via email:


Closing Date:  Friday 20th of January 2023