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Community Grants

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Survive & Thrive Community and Business Activation Grants

In response to the unique economic opportunities and challenges of COVID-19, Waratah-Wynyard Council has committed funds for the Survive and Thrive Grants Program.

Successful applicants from Round 1 were announced in December 2020.

Round 2 Survive and Thrive Community and Business Activation Minor Grant Round is NOW OPEN.

Applications are invited for grants up to $2000. Applications close on 1 March 2021. Successful applicants will be notified in April 2021. Application forms can be downloaded below, or from Council offices.

The primary purpose of the Survive and Thrive Grant Program is to help Waratah-Wynyard-based businesses and community groups thrive and innovate to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. The Survive and Thrive Grants Program has been put in place to enable the continuation of economic activity and strengthening of our local economy and community.

Waratah-Wynyard Council understands that practical assistance is required to support the changing needs of the community. Business and community groups need support to adapt their service delivery model in a safe way. New innovations need financial support to change from a good idea into reality.

The Survive and Thrive Grants program is a time-limited, response funding program for community groups and businesses who are currently facing increased demand and/or operational changes. They also provide opportunities for new, start-up retail or tourism ventures that may have been imagined in recent months.

This grants program is a practical way of supporting and strengthening local businesses and community groups to continue to provide services in our communities.

Survive and Thrive Grant Application