Darren Fairbrother

Cr Darren Fairbrother

First Elected: 1996

Current term expires: 31/10/2022

Contact details:

Email: cr.dfairbrother@warwyn.tas.gov.au

Mob: 0417 448 323

Cr Fairbrother has a no frills approach to being a Councillor.  He strives to adhere to Council’s values which reflect his own personal attributes.  He calls things as he sees them which occasionally raises the ire of his peers and after talking with him you will have a clear picture of where you stand and know what his thoughts are in regards to your area of interest.  Darren won’t say things just to warm your ears but tries to make good decisions in the interests of the wider community and has a strong record of being on or around the mark of issues with currency and is most reasonable with most issues.

Darren is quite competent and enjoys advocating and prosecuting issues on behalf of others.  If you have issues that you want to discuss or get a frank response on – call him. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Council Committees:

  • Sisters Beach Working Group
  • Boat Harbour Beach Masterplan Working Group
  • Integrated Environmental Plan Working Group

External Committees: