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Spanish Heath Blitz

Spanish heath is familiar to many Tasmanians as a highly invasive weed. In the north-west coast it is becoming increasingly prevalent and spreading at an alarming speed. Spanish Heath is often confused with native species due to the remarkable similarities it has with our own native heath species.

Thanks to the State Government Weed Action Fund, we have a unique chance to stop this invasive weed before it gets out of control and impossible to eradicate.

Public & Environmental Health

Sharps Disposal

Council currently offer a sharps disposal container exchange service. This service is available during business hours for residents of Waratah-Wynyard. This sharps disposal service is only available to diabetics and

Public & Environmental Health

Smoke free areas

The State Government has implemented smoke-free areas across Tasmania. People are required to comply with the smoke free area provisions; Council is responsible for its facilities such as sporting grounds,

Public & Environmental Health

Recreational Water Sampling

Council recognises the importance of having safe beaches, rivers and creeks to swim in, particularly over the warmer months. From December through until the end of March every summer, Council

Public & Environmental Health

Environmental Nuisances

Under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 an environmental nuisance means the emission of a pollutant that unreasonably interferes with, or is likely to unreasonably interfere with, a