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Council Chambers

Media Release – Annual Plan and Budget 2024-25

Waratah-Wynyard Council will vote to adopt a recommended general rate increase of just 2.95%, which is well below the Council Cost Index of 3.74% and ...
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Fogo Top Down Shot

Urban Kerbside Collection Changes

View and download the new Urban Kerbside Collection Transition Calendar with the new FOGO bin.
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Somerset Sports Precinct Master Plan

Waratah-Wynyard Council adopted an Open Space, Sport and Recreation Plan (OSSR) in 2017 and as part of that strategy, a Somerset Sporting Precinct was proposed.
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Community Events

Permission to Trespass

Unlock the secrets of the North West coast of Tasmania this winter with “Permission to Trespass,” a unique event in June 2024 that grants exclusive access to private properties in the stunning Wynyard and Table Cape areas. Experience the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes that are usually off-limits to the public, this Winter you will be given “PERMISSION TO TRESPASS!”

Waratah-Wynyard - Diversity in Abundance

Waratah-Wynyard, the heart of Tasmania’s beautiful north west, includes the coastal towns and villages of Wynyard, Somerset, Boat Harbour and Sisters Beach, the rural town of Yolla and the former mining towns of Waratah and Corinna. It is renowned for the spectacular display of tulips at Table Cape that showcases a local festival, “Tulip Festival Wynyard” held each October.

Take a little time to explore its beaches and enjoy the fresh sea air and safe swimming and boating opportunities.