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The Waratah-Wynyard Council has established this page to collect residents' views on a number of projects. If there are no items listed, then there are no projects currently open for community consultation.


Waste Management Strategy - Public Consultation

Waratah Wynyard recently approved the draft Waste Management Strategy 2019-2024 which has now gone out to public consultation.

Although we can be great at protecting our environment, research shows that at the current rate of production, Tasmanians generate over 900,000 tonnes of waste each year. Council's new Waste Strategy aims to achieve a 50% diversion of waste from landfill by 2024 and seeks to continuously improve the way Council manages waste.

Council's waste objective will be to grow a sustainable community through proactive waste initiatves and by increasing recovery where possible rather than sending waste to landfill.

Key actions included in the draft strategy are to explore the possibilities around a kerbside organics collection; investigate the opportunities for an enclosed 'tip shop' to enable us to reuse products rather than send them to landfill; further explore the possibilities around an expanded kerbside collection to rural areas; and to review the tip ticket system.

To view the strategy please select the link below or call into Council any weekday from 9:00 to 5:00pm.

Comments close at 5:00pm on Friday 26 July 2019

Draft Waste Management strategy(2492 kb)

Boat Harbour Beach Master Plan

Waratah Wynyard Council invites the community to comment on the DRAFT Boat Harbour Beach Master Plan. Master planning is a key tool for Local Government to identify a future holistic vision for a place, based on its context and local conditions, in order to address opportunities and challenges experienced within a community. In the case of Boat Harbour Beach, there have been particular challenges arising from seasonal fluctuations in visitation and usage. The Boat Harbour Beach Master Plan provides a unifying vision for the area focusing particularly on the management of public spaces around the beach area and the provision of supporting infrastructure and development.

Boat Harbour Beach Concept Plan(1931 kb)

Draft Boat Harbour Beach Masterplan(15298 kb)



Environmental Plan - Council calls for Community Input

Waratah Wynyard Council would like to announce that an Environment Plan will be developed for the municipal area. Council are excited to be able to announce this on World Environment Day; the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.

Environmental changes are already impacting us in Waratah-Wynyard and questions and concerns have been raised about the future. Council would like to partner with the community and take a leadership role in the region to de-risk climate change and future proof a range of local social, economic and environmental values.

The Environment Plan will focus on 6 key elements; proactive natural resource management, economic future-proofing, Council’s role in sustainability in its own activities, community resilience - enabling communities to transition and adapt, planning for and mitigating climate impacts on our built environment as well as any other community concerns that arise in consultation.

Waratah Wynyard Council Acting Mayor Dr Mary Duniam said “Council is excited to invite the community to join us as we develop the municipalities’ first Environmental Plan for the future. Our municipality is home to a diverse range of natural assets which are critical to the region’s future. We are already seeing impacts to the region such as coastal erosion, bushfire and changing rainfall patterns.”

Interested participants are invited to sign up by 26 July 2019 and they will be added to an Environment Plan Interest Group database. In the coming months, those who have registered their interest will be invited to participate in a range of focus groups and surveys and will be given opportunities to provide feedback on certain topics.

The Environmental Plan is anticipated to be developed in partnership with the community over the next 9-12 months.

To join the Environment Plan Interest Group, please visit Councils website at , phone (03) 6443 8333 or email or call into council any weekday from 9am to 5pm.

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